Hello and welcome back!!  Today we’re talking about Konnect, which is a satellite bringing high rate internet to parts of Africa.  Why is this so important to XMA?  Because we’re on the satellite!  With coverage in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, Nigeria, and more, XMA and Konnect are reaching places that on-the-ground internet was previously unable to reach.  We are extremely proud to be involved in this project because not only do we love the mission, but we also love the technological advancements displayed on this sat.


This satellite offer data rates of up to 100Mbits/second and it is fully electrically powered.  With no fuel on board, Konnect can carry additional technology weight without compromising payload.  How cool!  In more exciting news, the second generation of Konnect is coming soon, offering twice the data rates – 200Mbits/second.  XMA is proud to announce that we’ve been chosen for this mission as well!  To see more about Konnect, check out the videos below:


Arianespace Flight VA251 – EUTELSAT KONNECT Presentation 

EUTELSAT KONNECT and GSAT-30 satellites separation