Our cryogenic products put our weather thresholds to the test, performing in millikelvin temperatures. XMA has successfully designed and distributed several cryogenic product lines thanks to our:

  • State of the art thermalization methods
  • Attention to non-superconducting materials
  • Tight tolerancing
  • In-house resistive chip manufacturing capabilities
  • Custom designs

Quantum computing has been captivating and confusing people since Schrodinger put his cat in a box. How could we not join in the fun? XMA has added a plethora of new products , single to multi-port, since then:​

    • Bulkhead attenuators​
    • High density blocks​
    • SMP and SMPM attenuators​
    • DC-65GHz terminations and attenuators
    • Bulkhead, SMA, and Tefline adapters​
    • IR filters

Featured Products

4880-5523-dB-CRYO Attenuators Item #4880-5523-dB-CRYO Atten, 2.92mm-f/f, 18GHz, 1W, bulkhead
2982-6140-dB-CRYO Attenuators Item #2982-6140-dB-CRYO Atten, SMP-m/f, 18GHz, 1W
6701-7100-02-CRYO Terminations Item #6701-7100-02-CRYO Term, 1.85mm-m, 65GHz, 1W
XA2082-500X-02-CRYO Adapters Item #XA2082-500X-02-CRYO Tefline adapters, SMA-f

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