• 2003

    XMA Corporation Founded

    XMA was founded by Bruce Cooper and Fred Goodrich to shape the future of passive RF technology

  • 2008

    Acquired Omni Spectra Product Lines

    XMA acquired Omni Spectra’s connectorized attenuator and termination product lines to build upon their great legacy.

  • 2008

    AS9100 certified by NSF-ISR (2014)

    Obtaining the AS9100 certification not only supports our manufacturing capability, but shows our customers our reliability and integrity. This directly ties to our NPID (new product introduction and development) system in order to produce and test our newest additions.

  • 2011

    First Time in Space

    Blast-off! In 2011, we made it into space. Since then, our space-grade products have contributed to a plethora of commercial, military, and deep-space scientific missions. Want to learn more? Check out our Space Industry page.

  • 2013

    Marc Joins XMA as President and CEO

    “At XMA, our growth and success is based on providing key solutions to challenging problems and ensuring our efforts support community activities worldwide. These efforts are not simply printed on paper, they are activities practiced by our team every day.” – Marc Smith

  • 2014

    Quantum Industry

    2014 was a tipping point of the quantum world, moving from a small, niche market to an exponentially expanding industry. As the Quantum market continued to develop, XMA expanded product offerings to include several new, cutting-edge cryogenic RF components.

  • 2018

    5G Product Launch

    As a leading supplier of passive components to the telecom industry, we launched our 5G products in 2018 to stay ahead of the game. Today, we see 5G exponentially growing in the consumer realm, and we are an established supplier of 5G products for telecom hubs.

  • 2023

    Amphenol Acquires XMA

    In 2023, Amphenol, the global leader in advanced interconnect, sensor, and antenna solutions, completed the acquisition of XMA. This strategic move aimed to broaden Amphenol’s portfolio of interconnect products across diverse markets. Additionally, the acquisition brought in XMA’s specialized knowledge in radio frequency components, further enhancing Amphenol’s capabilities in this domain.