5G Communication

As our digital communication dependency grows, so does the need to progress and launch competitive telecom bandwidth. XMA has consistently generated products to serve the current telecommunication market and anticipate the needs of future generations by exploring:​
  • Higher frequencies​
  • Unique mechanical designs​
  • A variety of product families

Our 2.92mm, 2.4mm, and 1.85mm products bring DC-65GHz to systems in orbit and on the ground supporting 5G applications. Our in-house thin film fabrication process allows us to anticipate and cater to higher frequencies as market demands increase.

Featured Products

9501-5003-10 Terminations Item #9501-5003-10 Term, thread-in, 26.5GHz, 2W
8546-6010-50 DC Blocks Item #8546-6010-50 DC Block, 2.4mm-m/f, 10MHz-50GHz, 100V
4880-6140-dB Attenuators Item #4880-6140-dB Atten, 2.92mm-f/f, 40GHz, 1W
6782-5001-dB Attenuators Item #6782-5001-dB Atten, 1.85mm-m/f, 65GHz, 1W

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