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Advancing the future of electronic communications one connection at a time

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Enhance the global communication experience by providing high quality RF solutions

Vision statement

To be the strategic partner advancing future technologies through disruptive RF design, manufacturing, and support initiatives, one connection at a time

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Quantum Computing

The telecommunications industry ranges from old-school radar all the way to 5G, and we're here to support every bandwidth. XMA is committed to maintaining the high-quality standards set by Omni-Spectra while engineering new products to propel the telecom industry. Check out our products here!


Meterology is often underappreciated, but not here at XMA! Our high-quality standard product line is here to support all of your test and measurement needs. With low VSWR values and a range of supporting product families, XMA is ready to protect your high-fidelity equipment and get the results you need.

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Satellites, launchers, and landers - oh my! XMA's TVAC-rated and low-temperature products have contributed to space missions around the world, from Earth to orbit. XMA has worked with numerous space companies both big and small for commercial, deep-space, military, and scientific missions. Check out our space pedigree today!


XMA is a proud supplier of cryogenic passive components to support quantum computing efforts globally. With a focus on increasing thermalization and line density, we are ready to improve qubit decoherence times and decrease error rates. The cat's out of the bag (or box)! Check out our products today.

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