Get To Know Us

    • XMA Corporation was founded in 2003 through the acquisition of the Omni Spectra product line ​
    • We progressively focus on the space, cryogenics, telecommunications (5g) and test and measurement industries ​
    • Disruptive product portfolio including terminations, attenuators, DC blocks, power dividers, couplers, equalizers, and adapters
    • XMA’s continued success is attributable to our proprietary thin-film resistive chips and state of the art thermalization methods ​
    • Located in Manchester, NH
Outfitted with a forward-thinking team of professionals, XMA Corporation can reliably meet your project needs and product requirements. Apart from our established product lines, XMA also offers: ​
  • In-house design and fabrication ​
  • Flexible production and shipping schedules ​
  • Streamline services from our integrated sales and production teams ​
  • DFARS and RoHS compliance capabilities ​
  • Customization consultation ​
  • Superior technical support ​
  • Quick-turn capability for prototype, low and high volume

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