Mil/Aerospace Products

Our high reliability products are being used in a variety of applications including:
  • Radar and GPS – Ground and Space Based Applications
  • Test and Simulation Platforms – Space Hardened and Lab Applications
  • Integrated RF Assemblies and Sub-Systems for Mil/ Aero
  • Space Qualified RF Components and Sub-Assemblies
  • Quantum Computing​
Relying on a combination of Omni-Spectra products and modern additions, our legacy product lines are dependable, high quality, and well-renowned.

Why we stand out:

  • Adherence to common military standards​
  • AS9100 / ISO 9001 certified by NSF-ISR, and ITAR Registered
  • In-house thin-film chip manufacturing capabilities​
  • Thermal shock testing from cryogenics to 180*C​
  • CAD and CST Modelling for new products​
  • Dynamic team ready to assist

Featured Products

2044-7002-18 DC Blocks Item #2044-7002-18 DC Block, SMA-m/f, 10MHz-18GHz, 200V
XMAPD10-2-8-6S Power Dividers Item #XMAPD10-2-8-6S Power Divider, SMA-f, 2-8GHz, 6-Way, 10W
4880-6140-dB Attenuators Item #4880-6140-dB Atten, 2.92mm-f/f, 40GHz, 1W

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