What makes us the ideal space partner?

  • Offers fully TVAC rated and cryogenically compatible products from DC-65GHz
  • Is included in NASA’s Approved Vendors Database
  • Meets Class K and Class H qualification standards per MIL_PRF-38534
  • AS9100 certified by NSF-ISR
  • Boasts an impressive space legacy

Live Feed From ISS Using XMA Technology

XMA Takes Flight:

  • FLOCK Earth Observation Constellation
      • Satellites in a Low Earth Orbit for observation and imagining
  • HS-601 / BSS-601 Satellite Bus
      • Launcher that brought multiple satellites to geosynchronous orbits
  • JPSS (Joint Polar Satellite System)
      • Satellite project with non-geosynchronous, polar orbits, with satellites poised to launch from 2011-2031
  • TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite)
      • Satellite in a highly elliptical orbit on a hunt for exoplanets around our brightest neighboring stars
  • Eutelsat Konnect
      • Geostationary Ka-band satellite delivering internet services to Africa
  • WSF-M – Weather System Follow-on – Microwave
      • Operational Satellite System for the DoD, filling in space-based environmental monitoring gaps

Featured products:

OS2020-5005-06 Directional Couplers Item #OS2020-5005-06 Coupler, SMA-f, 2-2.4GHz, 2W, 6dB
6782-5001-dB Attenuators Item #6782-5001-dB Atten, 1.85mm-m/f, 65GHz, 1W
OS6790-6065-02 Power Dividers Item #OS6790-6065-02 Power Divider, 1.85mm-f, 10-65GHz, 2-Way, 10W

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