This page is our virtual library for all things XMA. Whether you’re looking for more info on product families or specific components, the following publications are for you! Check out our Watt’s Happening list for general details and our Product Blast flyers for our newest releases and highlighted components. Want monthly updates? Follow our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages for monthly posts.



Cryogenic Component Catalog

XMA’s mini-catalog outlining our cryogenic product offerings.  Reach us at for more info!

Watt's Happening

APS March Meeting

XMA is looking forward to attending the APS March Meeting! Come connect with us at Booth 428.

Product Blast

50 GHz Cryogenic Attenuators

XMA’s DC-50 GHz cryogenic attenuators are ready for your next scientific experiment!

Watt's Happening

Space Qualified Components

XMA has a variety of space qualified components ready to support your next mission!

Product Blast

Swept 90s

XMA’s Swept 90s are the perfect solution for your rigid cable system from test and measurement to telecom applications.

Watt's Happening

High Frequency Product Family

XMA’s high frequency product lines are ideal for your 5G and test and measurement needs.

Product Blast

High-Density Cryogenic Block

XMA’s new high density attenuator block has 8 ports in less than one square inch, increasing density while eliminating crosstalk.

Watt's Happening

High Power Products

XMA has the perfect products for your high power needs.

Product Blast

Cryogenic SMP Thread-In

XMA’s Cryogenic SMP Thread-In is the newest solution for your high density quantum computing needs.  Able to thread directly into your chill plate, this product is an adapter and attenuator in one.  Learn more here.

Watt's Happening

High Frequency Couplers

Test set-ups require XMA’s broadband high frequency couplers.

Product Blast

2-Way Space Qualified Power Dividers

XMA’s 2-way space qualified power dividers are equipped for any space adventure.

Watt's Happening

Space Tech Expo

Catch us at the Space Tech Expo in Long Beach on October 7th and 8th at Booth 3016!