Quality Policy

"We will become a Total Quality Company, “striving for excellence each day”, by continuously improving all our work processes to satisfy our internal and external customers."
Our company is committed to achieving superior customer satisfaction by providing quality products through continuous learning opportunities and improvements.
XMA’s philosophy is that quality is an integral part of the entire business operation.  Our quality management system is designed to ensure defect free products that add value to our customers.  
Every employee is empowered to participate in quality improvement activities through teamwork and focused groups.  Each of us has the individual responsibility for understanding and applying this Quality policy in the performance of our day to day tasks.
XMA’s management is fully committed to this Quality Policy and actively participates in quality improvement activities.  The satisfaction of our customers is the primary focus of our quality management activities.
Statement from the Quality/LEAN Mfg. Manager - Andrea Myers
Our organization embraces and fully understands that to have and maintain quality; you must continually be improving all aspects of the organization. Our goal is to provide our customers with near perfect RF solutions. Having a continuous improvement mindset, we know perfection does not exist. Once you have mastered or achieved something; you must strive to improve on it over and over again. This results in near perfection. This speaks volumes as to whom and what XMA Corporation continuous to strive towards!
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